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With roughly 500whp, this little Nissan Pulsar GTI-R must be absolutely insane to drive. Using the LM-2 to keep tabs on the AFR's

O2 Sensor Free Air Calibration: What is it and Why Is It So Important?

Free air calibration is key to getting the best readings from your AFR gauge.

AFR vs. EGT Gauges: An Inside Look At How they Function And Tuning Benefits of Each

AFR and EGT gauges both have a place in modern tuning practices. Here's why:

Wiring Tips, Tricks, and Best Practices To Make Your Gauge Install A Breeze

Here are some tips, tricks, and techniques to make your next wiring install go smoothly.

How Well Do You Know Tuning? Take The Quiz And Find Out!

How do you stack up as a tuner?

Gem Aydoner’s WRX Brings Serious Subaru Performance To The Land Down Under

This awesome, Australian-built WRX is rocking' Innovate hardware!

Lambda VS. AFR: What's the Difference?

Do you know the difference between lambda and AFR?

Video: How to Tune Your Boost Curve with Innovate's SCG-1 Combo Boost Controller/AFR Gauge

Boost, AFR, lean protection; Innovates SCG-1 does it all!

This Is The 2JZ-Powered Toyota Cressida You Never Saw Coming

This 2JZ-swapped Cressida is the ultimate sleeper.

German-Built '57 Chevy Does An America Classic Proud

American classics are loved the world over.

Affordable Data Logging with Innovate's SSI-4 PLUS

Innovate has affordable data-logging solution for your racecar or project.

Which Innovate Gauge Is Right For Me? The Full Guide Inside

Which Innovate gauge is right for your car? We walk you through the whole performance lineup!

When Day-Two Won’t Do: Matt Whidden’s SVT Mustang Cobra Project

Matt Whidden uses Innovate gauges to monitor his SVT Cobra.

Monitoring Air/fuel ratios on Both Sides of Your V-Twin with the DLG-1

Thought the DLG-1 was just for V8s and V6s? Think again!

Triple Threat: Turbo Car Must Have Gauges

Here are three, must-have gauges for any turbo car.

Installing an MTX-L PLUS on English Racing's Evo X

English Racing's race-winning Evo X get's treated to a an MTX-L PLUS wideband gauge.

Rob Faranda’s Blown Scat Pack Out-Muscles The Hellcat

This Scat Pack runs with Hellcats, and rocks Innovate products of course ;)

Inside the New Innovate TC-4 and SSI-4 PLUS

Take a look inside Innovate's new data-logging tools:

JDM Install: PowerSafe Boost & PocketLogger on an R32 GTR

Some Innovate love for an R32 GTR.

Innovate's Faster MTX-L PLUS Wideband Air/Fuel Ratio Gauge

Innovate's MTX-PLUS is the fastest wideband gauge in town.

The Affordable Data Loggers - SSI-4 PLUS and TC-4 PLUS

The SSI-4 PLUS and TC-4 PLUS make data logging practical an affordable.

TurboSource Sets ND Miata Horsepower Record with PSB-1

This record-setting Miata is rocking a PSB-1:

The Ultimate Nitrous Gauge: Innovate's PSN-1

Innovate's PSN-1 can cut the flow of nitrous if your engine runs lean. That's some serious insurance.

Installing an ECB-1 Gauge on a Turbo New Edge Mustang

The ECB-1 combines 4 tuning parameters into one gauge.

Control the Boost: SCG-1 Turbo F-Body Install

The SCG-1 can electronically control boost on your turbo setup. Who doesn't want more boost?

Muscle Mustangs And Fast Fords Magazine Installs an Innovate PSN-1 PowerSafe Nitrous Gauge

A PSN-1 Nitrous gauge keeps this Muscle Mustangs & Fast Fords Magazine project safe.

E85: Knowing Your Mix is Critical to Your Tune Up

Did you know that E85 is almost never 85% ethanol/15% gasoline. Knowing what's actually in your tank is critical for tuning efficiency.

Installing an MTX-L PLUS Air/Fuel Ratio Gauge in a 1,000 HP Turbo SC300

Here are three gauges you need for a big-power, boosted car.

Important Tips to Get the Maximum Life Out of your O2 Sensor

STOP! Are you prematurely killing your O2 sensor? Here're the things to watch out for:

MTX-A Gauge Line Overview and Installation in a Supercharged Fox body Mustang

Want modern accuracy with an analog feel? Check out the MTX-A gauge line.

Be the First to Check Out Our New SSI-4 PLUS and TC-4 PLUS!

The SSI-4 PLUS and TC-4 PLUS make data-logging easier than ever.

Innovate's Dual Lambda Gauge Is a Must Have for Tuning Carburetors

Carbureted engines are notorious for having bank-to-bank fueling discrepancies. The DLG-1, dual lambda gauge can help tune each bank to perfection.

Two Air/Fuel Ratio Sensors, One Gauge: The DLG-1

You would be amazed how differently two banks of the same engine can run. The DLG-1 let's you measure each bank separately .

R&D Project: PSB-1 Install on a Supercharged 2012 Mustang GT

Innovates PSB-1 can cut boost to save your engine if it runs lean.

Innovate's Multi-Function Gauges: Everything You Need to Know

Which gauge is right for you?

Street Muscle Magazine Installs an LM-2 on a Supercharged Magnum

The guys from Street Muscle Magazine took advantage of one of our LM-2 tuning tools!

How An Exhaust Leak Affects Wideband/O2 Sensor Readings

Even the tiniest exhaust leak can throw an AFR gauge for a loop.

Photos from Innovate Motorsports's post

Lambda and AFR are two sides of the same coin. Do you know the difference?

Performance HQ

An Innovate LC-2 helped Performance HQ tune this '15 Mustang to a 9.0 @150mph pass on nitrous! That's smoking'!

Kozmic Motorsports

Kozmic Motorsports upgraded this STI with a set of Innovate gauges!

Wiring Tips, Tricks, and Best Practices To Make Your Gauge Install A Breeze

Wiring anything this weekend? Here are some key tips!

Introducing Innovate's LC-3 Digital Wideband Lambda O2 Controller

The world's most popular, standalone wideband controller just got better.

New Meets Old: Innovate's Easy-Mount, Throttle Position Sensors For Carbureted Applications

Innovate's carburetor-mount TPS sensors are a classic new-meets-old product. They're perfect for those needing a TPS signal for modern, computer-controlled transmissions, and can even help data-log throttle position in certain race classes.

Which Innovate Gauge Is Right For Me? The Full Guide Inside

Looking for a set of gauges?

Innovative Logging: 10 Clever Data-logging Hacks To Make Your Race Car Faster

Have you come up with a creative data-logging solution? We'd love to hear it.

Multi-Function Gauges Keep This LS3-Powered Nissan 350Z In The Know

This V8-swapped 350z has a full arsenal of Innovate gauges.

New Meets Old: Innovate's Easy-Mount, Throttle Position Sensors For Carbureted Applications

Adding a modern, overdrive transmission to your classic, carbureted car? Our carb-mount TPS sensors are just the ticket!

How An Exhaust Leak Affects Wideband/O2 Sensor Readings

Even the tiniest pin-hole leak can throw your AFR reading way off track!

Triple Threat: Turbo Car Must Have Gauges

Three, must-have gauges for any turbo car.

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