MTX-A Gauge Line Overview and Installation in a Supercharged Fox body Mustang

Prefer analog gauges? Check out our full line overview here.

19 Belair 57

Doing it right! This Belair runs our dual lamda gauge (DLG-1) so they can monitor what's going on in both exhaust banks. To learn more about the DLG-1, click here -

JDM Install: PowerSafe Boost & PocketLogger on an R32 GTR

The only boost gauge - the PSB-1. Check out the install of one on an R32 Skyline GTR!

The Affordable Data Loggers - SSI-4 PLUS and TC-4 PLUS

Looking for a truly affordable data logger? Check out the new SSI-4 PLUS.

Triple Threat: Innovate Gauge Install on a 500hp S14 240sx

Check out this triple gauge install on a sick, stroker SR20 powered S14!

Got a V6-V12? Monitor both sides of your engine with our DLG-1 - Learn more here -

E85: Knowing Your Mix is Critical to Your Tune Up

If you're running E85 or thinking about it, then read this!

Which Innovate Gauge Is Right For Me? The Full Guide Inside

Not sure exactly which Innovate gauge you may need for now and the future? Check out our full guide here:

No Limit

I spy with my little eye...

The Affordable Data Loggers - SSI-4 PLUS and TC-4 PLUS

Want a logger but don't want to spend a ton of money? Check out this story.

Installing an MTX-L PLUS Air/Fuel Ratio Gauge in a 1,000 HP Turbo SC300

Coastal Chassis Dyno & Performance installed our newest MTX-L PLUS wideband air/fuel ratio gauge on their 1,000 horsepower SC300 shop car!

Important Tips to Get the Maximum Life Out of your O2 Sensor

Want your O2 sensor to live longer? Check out this story!

The Ultimate Nitrous Gauge: Innovate's PSN-1

Nitrous assisted GT350: Cool or too much?

Innovate's Faster MTX-L PLUS Wideband Air/Fuel Ratio Gauge

If you haven't yet, don't forget to check out the latest and greatest from Innovate with our new MTX-L PLUS wideband gauge!

When Day-Two Won’t Do: Matt Whidden’s SVT Mustang Cobra Project

Check out this sweet Cobra, featuring our DLG-1 (dual widebands) gauge!

Car Throttle

Should we option this on our boost gauges?

Installing an ECB-1 Gauge on a Turbo New Edge Mustang

Running E85 and boost? Then you need to read this.

Monitoring Air/fuel ratios on Both Sides of Your V-Twin with the DLG-1

Yes, you can even monitor the air/fuel ratio on both sides of your V-twin with the Innovate Motorsports Dual Lamda Gauge (DLG-1)!

Installing an MTX-L PLUS on English Racing's Evo X

English Racing installed one of our new MTX-L PLUS widebands on their project Evo.

Innovate's Dual Lamda Gauge Is a Must Have for Tuning Carburetors

Do you have a carbureted V-type engine? Then you should read this story.

J & M Speed Center

Our new MTX-L PLUS has been flying off the shelf! Get yours today and learn more about it here:

Rob Faranda’s Blown Scat Pack Out-Muscles The Hellcat

Check out Rob's Hellcat killer Scat Pack, featuring a PSB-1!

Do you have a cool car with Innovate gauges? Post a 1-2 sentence overview of your car with a photo in the comments below and we may feature you in a story on the Innovate blog!

Important Tips to Get the Maximum Life Out of your O2 Sensor

Get your O2 sensor tips right here!

Inside the New Innovate TC-4 and SSI-4 PLUS

NEW PRODUCTS: Learn about the most affordable way to data log with the new TC-4 and SS-4 PLUS models.


Check out this video installation overview of our new MTX-L PLUS on a B20-powered Integra!

MTX-A Gauge Line Overview and Installation in a Supercharged Fox body Mustang

If analog gauges are your thing, check out our MTX-A line!

JDM Install: PSB-1 & PL-1 on an R32 Nissan Skyline GTR

We installed a PSB-1 and PL-1 on a built GT-R in Japan! The PL-1 logs the air/fuel ratio and boost sensors while the PowerSafe function can revert to wastegate spring pressure if the engine runs too lean. Read about the install inside!

Two Air/Fuel Ratio Sensors, One Gauge: The DLG-1

Have a V6, V8, V10, or V12? Then the DLG-1 is something you should take a look at!

Innovate's Multi-Function Gauges: Everything You Need to Know

Looking for a gauge with multiple sensors built in? Check out our multi-function gauges!

Innnovate's Faster MTX-L PLUS Wideband Air/Fuel Ratio Gauge

Everything you want to know about our brand new and faster MTX-L PLUS wideband air/fuel ratio gauge!

Innovate MTX-L PLUS Product Overview

Innovate's best selling wideband, the MTX-L just got better! The MTX-L PLUS is seven times faster and features our latest version of Advanced Sensor Control. Learn more about it in this quick overview video.

Photos from Innovate Motorsports's post

We've got a few Innovate gauge installs going down in Japan this week. Stay tuned to the blog for the latest updates -

The Affordable Data Loggers - SSI-4 PLUS and TC-4 PLUS

Our new TC-4 and SSI-4 PLUS models are the most affordable ways to monitor critical sensor channels. Check out our install on a 2,500hp Top Dragster!

Two Air/Fuel Ratio Sensors, One Gauge: The DLG-1

The DLG-1 air/fuel ratio gauge is a MUST for all V-type engines so you know what's going on with both sides of your engine. Read the details inside.

MTX-L PLUS Digital Wideband Air/fuel Ratio Gauge

It's official! You can now purchase the NEW MTX-L PLUS, which is 7 TIMES FASTER than the previous model and features advanced sensor control. Learn more about it below.

TurboSource Sets ND Miata Horsepower Record with PSB-1

TurboSource breaks the ND Miata power record with help from Innovate's PSB-1! Check out the feature below and learn more about the PSB-1 here:

The Ultimate Nitrous Gauge: Innovate's PSN-1

Our PSN-1 nitrous gauge has a built in window switch and can also shut off your nitrous system if your air/fuel ratio becomes too lean. Learn more at our story below as we install one on a GT350!

Track Fuel Ethanol Content On Your Boosted ’Stang

Our friend at have a great story on our ethanol content boost gauge - a must have if you're running E85!

Innovate Motorsports MTX-L Gauge System Install - 5.0 Mustang & Super Fords Magazine

Check out this throwback story on a MTX-L install!

PSN-1 Power Safe Nitrous Gauge Install on a GT350

The Innovate PSN-1 is the only gauge you need for running nitrous. It constantly monitors your air/fuel ratio and disables the system if you run too lean! Check out our install on a Mustang GT350 and learn how you can save your engine!

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