Installing an ECB-1 Gauge on a Turbo New Edge Mustang

Running E85 and boost? Then you need to read this.

Monitoring Air/fuel ratios on Both Sides of Your V-Twin with the DLG-1

Yes, you can even monitor the air/fuel ratio on both sides of your V-twin with the Innovate Motorsports Dual Lamda Gauge (DLG-1)!

Installing an MTX-L PLUS on English Racing's Evo X

English Racing installed one of our new MTX-L PLUS widebands on their project Evo.

Innovate's Dual Lamda Gauge Is a Must Have for Tuning Carburetors

Do you have a carbureted V-type engine? Then you should read this story.

J & M Speed Center

Our new MTX-L PLUS has been flying off the shelf! Get yours today and learn more about it here:

Rob Faranda’s Blown Scat Pack Out-Muscles The Hellcat

Check out Rob's Hellcat killer Scat Pack, featuring a PSB-1!

Do you have a cool car with Innovate gauges? Post a 1-2 sentence overview of your car with a photo in the comments below and we may feature you in a story on the Innovate blog!

Important Tips to Get the Maximum Life Out of your O2 Sensor

Get your O2 sensor tips right here!

Inside the New Innovate TC-4 and SSI-4 PLUS

NEW PRODUCTS: Learn about the most affordable way to data log with the new TC-4 and SS-4 PLUS models.


Check out this video installation overview of our new MTX-L PLUS on a B20-powered Integra!

MTX-A Gauge Line Overview and Installation in a Supercharged Fox body Mustang

If analog gauges are your thing, check out our MTX-A line!

JDM Install: PSB-1 & PL-1 on an R32 Nissan Skyline GTR

We installed a PSB-1 and PL-1 on a built GT-R in Japan! The PL-1 logs the air/fuel ratio and boost sensors while the PowerSafe function can revert to wastegate spring pressure if the engine runs too lean. Read about the install inside!

Two Air/Fuel Ratio Sensors, One Gauge: The DLG-1

Have a V6, V8, V10, or V12? Then the DLG-1 is something you should take a look at!

Innovate's Multi-Function Gauges: Everything You Need to Know

Looking for a gauge with multiple sensors built in? Check out our multi-function gauges!

Innnovate's Faster MTX-L PLUS Wideband Air/Fuel Ratio Gauge

Everything you want to know about our brand new and faster MTX-L PLUS wideband air/fuel ratio gauge!

Innovate MTX-L PLUS Product Overview

Innovate's best selling wideband, the MTX-L just got better! The MTX-L PLUS is seven times faster and features our latest version of Advanced Sensor Control. Learn more about it in this quick overview video.

Photos from Innovate Motorsports's post

We've got a few Innovate gauge installs going down in Japan this week. Stay tuned to the blog for the latest updates -

The Affordable Data Loggers - SSI-4 PLUS and TC-4 PLUS

Our new TC-4 and SSI-4 PLUS models are the most affordable ways to monitor critical sensor channels. Check out our install on a 2,500hp Top Dragster!

Two Air/Fuel Ratio Sensors, One Gauge: The DLG-1

The DLG-1 air/fuel ratio gauge is a MUST for all V-type engines so you know what's going on with both sides of your engine. Read the details inside.

MTX-L PLUS Digital Wideband Air/fuel Ratio Gauge

It's official! You can now purchase the NEW MTX-L PLUS, which is 7 TIMES FASTER than the previous model and features advanced sensor control. Learn more about it below.

TurboSource Sets ND Miata Horsepower Record with PSB-1

TurboSource breaks the ND Miata power record with help from Innovate's PSB-1! Check out the feature below and learn more about the PSB-1 here:

The Ultimate Nitrous Gauge: Innovate's PSN-1

Our PSN-1 nitrous gauge has a built in window switch and can also shut off your nitrous system if your air/fuel ratio becomes too lean. Learn more at our story below as we install one on a GT350!

Track Fuel Ethanol Content On Your Boosted ’Stang

Our friend at have a great story on our ethanol content boost gauge - a must have if you're running E85!

Innovate Motorsports MTX-L Gauge System Install - 5.0 Mustang & Super Fords Magazine

Check out this throwback story on a MTX-L install!

PSN-1 Power Safe Nitrous Gauge Install on a GT350

The Innovate PSN-1 is the only gauge you need for running nitrous. It constantly monitors your air/fuel ratio and disables the system if you run too lean! Check out our install on a Mustang GT350 and learn how you can save your engine!

Installing an ECB-1 Gauge on a Turbo New Edge Mustang

When you're making big power, E85 is the cheapest race gas. Check out the install of our ethanol content boost gauge, the ECB-1, on a turbocharged Mustang.

ECB-1 Ethanol Content Boost Gauge Install on a Turbo Mustang

Check out this installation video of an ECB-1 on a turbo Mustang! When running boost and E85, this gauge is a must! Learn more about it here:

Installing Innovate Motorsports’ PSN-1 Power Safe Nitrous Gauge in a Shelby GT350

What if you could make nitrous safe? You can! Check out this PSN-1 install on a nitrous assisted Mustang GT350!

Control the Boost: SCG-1 Turbo F-Body Install

Looking for a badass boost controller that also has a built in wideband...AND can also cut boost based on air/fuel ratio? Check out our SCG-1 install.

Innovate Motorsports Releases MTX-L PLUS Gauge

Check out the write up from our friends at FordNxt on our brand new MTX-L PLUS!

E85: Knowing Your Mix is Critical to Your Tune Up

Not knowing your ethanol content could be like pumping 87 octane into your tank on a 93 octane tune. Our story explains the importance of knowing your mix and some of the solutions to this problem.

Adam Kuffel’s Homebuilt 1985 Mustang GT Took Him From Commuter to 8-Second True Street Winner

Check out this sweet four eye Fox Body, featuring an Innovate MTX-L wideband!

Innovate's Multi-Function Gauges: Everything You Need to Know

If you need some data but don't want a bunch of gauges, check out this article on our multi-function gauges.

Important Tips to Get the Maximum Life Out of your O2 Sensor

We get more tech calls about O2 sensors than any other. Here's a great story to maximize your oxygen sensor's life.

Innovate's Multi-Function Gauges: Everything You Need to Know

Everything you wanted to know about Innovate's multi-function gauges!

MTX-A Gauge Line Overview and Installation in a Supercharged Fox body Mustang

We educate you on our analog MTX-A gauge line and then install a set on a supercharged Fox Body Mustang!

R&D Project: PSB-1 Install on a Supercharged 2012 Mustang GT

We are working on a way to bring a boost cut to centrifugally supercharged vehicles. Who's interested?

Two Air/Fuel Ratio Sensors, One Gauge: The DLG-1

Do you have a V6, V8, V10, or a V12? Then you need to read this.

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